During my internship at American Family Insurance this summer, I took part in a one-of-a-kind, meaningful and rewarding project called “Share Tank”. It’s designed for interns to dig deep into a local non-profit organization and develop a pitch to solve a problem the organization is having. Inspired by Shark Tank, this project also features a panel of judges who will rate the performance of teams and select a winner. The winning team’s organization gets $2,500 while all the other teams get $1,000.

Together with 3 interns from sustainability, actuarial and IT, we teamed up to create an innovative solution to the River Food Pantry, the busiest food pantry in Dane County, Wisconsin. Below is my summary of the multiple aspects to this project, from brainstorming to completion.


Working on Share Tank has been the highlight of my summer internship. It gave me a chance to use my creativity to contribute to a good cause. It also makes me think about the importance of corporate social responsibility and how a big company can positively impact the neighborhood it does business in.